IS SKIING ALL THAT IS OFFERED IN SAVOIE MONT BLANC RESORTS ? What to do when you don't want to ski

The mountains are the ideal place to relax, to unwind, and get back to nature. Throughout the year can you find a great number of fun outdoor activities and winter is no exception !
For many, the winter holidays equal skiing but the resorts of northern French Alps have so much more to offer... 
Experience Mont Blanc offers a wide range of activities in the Savoie Mont Blanc region. Here are our top five


1/ The must-sees of the Chamonix Valley: the Aiguille du Midi & the Mer de Glace

If you visit the northern French Alps, you cannot miss the majestic Mont Blanc.

Only the best mountaineers can see the top of the Mont Blanc at 4807 meters, The Aiguille du Midi cable car brings you to the best viewpoint possible and the age-old train brings you to the Mer de Glace glacier.

With your mountain leader, a day of adventure awaits you with visits of two iconic places. First, take the two cable cars from the center of Chamonix to the Aiguille du Midi. After a 20 minute climb, you will reach the summit of one of the most mystic mountain ranges. Perched at an altitude of 3,842 metres, enjoy a 360° view of the Mont Blanc valley and parts of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.

After enjoying this magnificent view, you will take the cable car back to Chamonix. Then, with your Experience Mont Blanc guide, you will board the emblematic red cogwheel train to the Refuge of Montenvers, where you will enjoy a delicious meal of Savoyard specialities. From there you can admire the famous Mer de Glace glacier. This is an opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a 19th century mountaineer and learn more about the incredible history of this glacier... 

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2/ Discover the flora and fauna of the Alps!  

For nature and photography lovers, Experience Mont Blanc offers activities to discover the wildlife and natural treasures of our region.

When winter and the cold weather arrive, the streams and waterfalls of the Alps freeze into impressive ice forms. During a half-day snowshoe hike with your private mountain leader, you will have the opportunity to observe the Stassaz Icefalls. It can be close to forty metres high, this completely natural structure will amaze you !

In Val d'Isère, with your mountain guide, crampons and ice axes, and learn about this discipline while enjoying the icy landscapes that surround you.  

This experience will be full of surprises! In addition to being mesmerized by exceptionnal landscape, you may also be lucky enough to come across wildlife. Many wild animals hiding among the trees and rocks... And even if some hibernate, you might still come across some chamois, ibex, hares, snow partridges or, for the lucky ones, a golden eagle! As to not disturb the natural habitat and to make your chances greater to encounter the mountain inhabitants your guide will share his binoculars. Throughout the activity, your guide will share with you all his expertise on the region, the mountains and the animal species that make it up.

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3/ Yoga & Wellness in the mountains, nothing more nature

Vacationing in the mountains is one of the best ways to recharge your batteries! The fresh air, the silence, the beauty of nature, the multitude of stars, the peace and quiet are invigorating.

The Alps are the place to be! You will find spas in most hotel residences but also thermal baths with the beneficial effects that have been scientifically proven! Meditate during a yoga session, get a professional massage to relax your muscles, revive your mind, enjoy the smell of essential oils or relax with friends in natural hot springs.  

You have heard of hot yoga, well Experience Mont Blanc suggests cold yoga. With your guide and yoga coach, discover the benefits of cold.

During the session, your coach will help you work on your breathing in order to manifest an internal heat surge. You will work on muscle contractions through sequences and postures, but also meditative techniques, as practising in the cold requires keeping a steady mindset throughout.

Reconnect and feel the state of total relaxation and calm! 


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4/ Unique experiences with tasty rewards

During your stay in Savoie Mont Blanc, live unforgettable experiences! A great combination of outdoor activities and food. We organise meals in uncommon locations...

Have you ever had a meal in an igloo, it is a must!  
The activity starts with a snowshoeing hike on off-the-beaten-path with your private guide, during which you can admire the beautiful snow covered landscapes, which might make you feel like you have jumped into a fairytale atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Once in the perfect location, you will start building your igloo. Don't panic! Your guide will have all the necessary material for its construction. He will also be there to accompany you step by step in the building of your snow structure.  
Finally, you will enjoy a sumptuous feast made in Savoy consisting of locally sourced products: hot mulled wine, hot chocolate, cheeses, cold meats, a Savoyard fondue and rustic bread.


© Michael 

Even more out of the this world, an underground meal. We propose a speleology adventure with Matthieu, a geomorphologist, passionate about exploring and discovering underground landscapes

Live a unique experience, go at your own pace, underground. You will have the opportunity to discover a multitude of sensations in an exceptional world: beautiful galleries, large rooms, underground rivers, stalactites, stalagmites and other incredible forms of the exciting old world... 
The activity also includes a moment of relaxation with a fondue Savoyard meal that will warm your heart and body!                                                                                                                     

If you want to extend the experience, you can even spend the night hidden away ! Your guide will provide all of the necessary equipment to enjoy the sounds of this exceptional environment!


5/ Tastings of locally sourced products  

At Experience Mont Blanc, we aim to promote the Savoie Mont Blanc region and all it has to offer ! What better way than through tasting workshops of local and regional products?  

For an afternoon, take advantage of the services of our oenologist guide, Thibaut, who is passionate about wine and gastronomy, and who will introduce you to the different grape varieties of the region. Discover the subtleties of local wines. Learn how to differentiate them with their different tastes, odors and immerse yourself in the captivating anecdotes of your private oenologist. Throughout the experience, taste local cheeses and cold cuts carefully selected by Thibaut, who will teach you the basics of food and wine pairing. 

To make the most of this experience, you can also combine it with an outdoor activity! Fatbike, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or even lake cruises... You're bound to find an activity that suits you!


© Pierre Gay & Thibaut 


How about organising your own personal holiday in the Alps? Contact us for more information!  

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