A look back at the first two months of the year The extraordinary adventures of our mountaineers

Team 1786 has launched a recap of our favorite things to read, watch or listen about the mountains and the Alps! Discover what happened in January and February of the year 2022!


French podiums !   

Two weeks before the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, Tess Ledeux, a young 20-year-old athlete, made history. She couldn't have done France and Savoie - her native land and training area - any better by scoring a world first for women during the X Games in Aspen: a double corck 1620 and by winning two gold medals in big air and slopestyle!   


A feat that gave her confidence in Beijing, as she won a silver medal in big air skiing. This new generation of athletes has been able to stand out and get out of the shadow of some of the top names, which the Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu congratulated "the new generation has arrived on the podium, has won gold medals". Athletes welcomed as heroes like Quentin Maillet Fillon, who returned to France with 5 medals, including two gold.   


To watch the figure of Tess Ledeux at the X Games in Aspen.

To watch the Redbull movie about Tess "My Premiere" 


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A canine adventure   


Fiona wrote about it in the previous article, the sled dog "embodies the Nordic dream" and our professional and amateur mushers have every year the chance to participate in the Grande Odyssée du Mont Blanc. After more than ten stages over two weeks, the Odyssey ended on Wednesday, January 19th. The event was a great success as there were more than 50,000 spectators to support the competitors, both canine and human.  

This event allowed to highlight the beautiful landscapes of our two Savoie regions but also the French mushers shone since they were present on the highest steps of the podium!   

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Jérémy Bigé on the attack of the Balkans  

When we think of the Alps we think of Mont Blanc, the Tarantaise, the Vercors, ... But few of us know that the Alps extend through the Dinaric chain to the Adriatic Sea. Seven countries are then crossed: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.   


After having walked the Great Himalayan Trail, the Pyrenean High Road, Jérémy Bigé, set out on an unknown route in June 2021: Via Diniraca with only a 3.8 kg pack on his back. He encountered wolves, bears, and snakes, and remained in a single bivouac tarp and had to adapt to the little information available on this little-used route. Despite the snow and the advice of the locals to change his itinerary, Jeremy managed to climb the highest point of the Via Dinarica: the Maja e Jezerces.   


While one had already enjoyed his film made with his friends during the Great Himalayan Trail, Jeremy remains moving, funny and inspires us with dreams of (not so) distant lands.  

I invite you to go and watch his 35 minutes film available for free on Youtube : Sur le fil des Balkans

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