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Jeu de piste dans les rues de Chamonix, organisé par Expérience Mont Blanc
Clients Expérience Mont Blanc participant au Jeu de piste dans les rues de Chamonix
Chamonix & Mont Blanc

Enigmatorium Mont Blanc : Treasure Hunt in Chamonix

Experience Mont Blanc

A treasure hunt in the streets of Chamonix, with an underlying theme around the majestic Mont Blanc and the history of the first successful climb in 1786…

From 1 to 1 people* *For more people, please contact us 3 hours Available Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter From 20 to 20 € per person* *Depending on the number of people Spoken languages: French

What awaits you during this activity : Enigmatorium Mont Blanc : Treasure Hunt in Chamonix

The Enigmatorium Mont Blanc is a treasure hunt with enigmas, and Escape Game touches...

An adventure that is played out in the heart of Chamonix, with the help of a digital teacher at your fingertips!

Search, on the planned itinerary, for clues, by solving riddles, which will allow you to progressively advance towards the final objective.

Synopsis :

Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard, two locals of Chamonix, are candidates for the Mont Blanc Race, organized by Mr. de Saussure, a physicist and alchemist. The quest for so many since the dark ages is to extend life span. Dr Saussure believed a particular crystal, only found at the top of the highest mountains, could transform the research on the elixir for living a longer healthy life.
The Mont Blanc Race is first and foremost where only the elite and most seasoned guides can find their place. They will have to compete in various tests to prove their knowledge of the terrain and its secrets. At the end of these tests, only the three top groups will be left to face the final challenge: the ascent of Mont Blanc to find the incredible crystal.
You have been assigned to Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard's team, help them move closer to winning their spot in the Mont Blanc Race. Work your way through tests of thought and investigation and answer correctly in order to be among the three top teams. Help Balmat and Paccard in their quest to be the first team to pass all the tests.

Discover the activity in video:

> Price of 20 € per game (not per person as presented here)
> A game can be played simultaneously on several phones, we advise a maximum of 8 players per game.
> Fun with friends or family, starting at 12 years old.
> To take part in this treasure hunt, it is essential to have a tablet or a cell phone (well charged!). You will need it to answer the riddles on a web page or on Messenger.
> You are on your own for this experience but don't panic! You will have access to a support group just in case.
> A fun way to learn more about the history, the town, and the inhabitants of Chamonix.
> The experience is also available in challenge mode with the presence of an animator! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
  • Happy memories
  • Remote assistance
Not included
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance
  • Well-charged phone or tablet with an internet connection

Your guide for this activity in the Alps : Experience Mont Blanc

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Our client's reviews for this activity in the Alps

5 / 5
Gwendoline The 26.04.2021
Une super jeu d'énigmes pour découvrir Chamonix et l'histoire de la première ascension du Mont Blanc. Un bon moment à partager entre amis ou en famille (attention le jeu est accessible dès 12 ans). Bonus : une superbe vue sur le Mont Blanc tout au long du parcours.
5 / 5
Stéphanie The 25.03.2021
Ludique, bon moment en famille, permet de regarder différemment l'environnement et de découvrir l'histoire de la ville de façon plus didactique qu'en visitant un musée.
5 / 5
Nadège The 25.03.2021
Moment très sympa pour un groupe de 8 avec 3 ados ! Il faut juste prévoir une batterie externe pour le téléphone.
5 / 5
Claudie The 03.03.2021
Nous recommanderons ce jeu de piste à Chamonix à nos amis qui ne connaissent pas, c'est un très bon moyen de découvrir le centre ville !
5 / 5
Marie-Hélène The 02.03.2021
Très intéressant et sympa pour une activité qui regroupe toutes les générations !
5 / 5
Aurélie The 26.02.2021
Bonne expérience pour visiter la ville !!!
5 / 5
Alex The 18.02.2021
C'était top ! Super le selfie final avec Jacques et Michel 😉
5 / 5
Maxime The 23.01.2021
Une façon originale et ludique de découvrir Chamonix. A tester absolument !
5 / 5
Josephine The 30.07.2020
An authentic and original treasure hunt in the heart of Chamonix! What an experience!

Experience Mont Blanc Service Fee

There is no additional charge for booking your experience online.

Cancellation Policy

Receive a 100% refund if you cancel up to 3 days prior to the activity. Covid-19 special cancellation conditions: In case of an exceptional cancellation imposed by regulations related to the COVID-19 health situation, the total sum collected will be fully refunded.

Conditions d'annulation spéciales Covid-19 : En cas d'annulation imposée par une réglementation exceptionnelle liée à la situation sanitaire COVID-19, la totalité des sommes encaissées feront l'objet d'un remboursement intégral.

Services and Overseeing

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The Client is aware of the sometimes sporty nature of some of the proposed services. He/she agrees to comply with the advice and instructions given by the professionals in charge. The Client is forbidden to take any personal initiative in the context of the services that could jeopardize his/her safety, that of the other participants or that of the supervising professionals.

It will be up to the professional supervisor to decide on any modifications for safety reasons of our services for weather or mountain conditions, participants abilities or their technical skills. Our guides will decide to change the itinerary or mountain range for security and the best experience possible.

Failure to comply with safety instructions or to participate in a service without respecting the level of requirements may justify the exclusion of the client from the service. This exclusion decided for safety reasons will not determine any right to refund of the cost of the experience.

Experience Mont Blanc obligations

In any case of force-majeure (unforeseeable, impossible conditions), Experience Mont Blanc cannot execute one or more services, the client will be reimbursed the amount of the cancelled service(s). The refund will be made no later than 30 days after the end of the stay.


Experience Mont Blanc belongs to the company VOYAGE 1786, holder of a civil liability insurance policy for all the activities it organizes.

LThe price of the service does not include personal insurance. It is strongly recommended that the clients have a search & rescue insurance and a repatriation insurance valid for the service.

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