The 7 most beautiful villages of Savoie Mont Blanc Our selection of the most beautiful villages in the Alps!

Want to live an unforgettable getaway in the mountains? Here is our selection of the most beautiful villages in the Alps!  

In the heart of the mountain pastures, near vineyards or close to lakes... The Savoie Mont Blanc region is a fabulous playground for lovers of open spaces. And some of the most beautiful villages of the country are in this green mountain range. 

Discover villages of character with Agency 1786. Join the marmots, eagles and ibexes... you will be amazed by the beauty of nature! 


Arêches-Beaufort, the authentic mountain experience!  

On one side Beaufort-sur-Doron, a village of more than 2000 inhabitants, and on the other side Arêches, a mountain village and family resort.  They form nowadays, the resort of Arêches-Beaufort. A simple glance is enough to understand why Arêches has the name of "Country of a thousand chalets".  

In the heart of the Beaufortin, the village has preserved its authenticity while allowing agriculture and tourism to coexist. With 15,000 hectares of forests and mountain pastures, the village offers a vast space for the 80 farms. A happiness shared by all outdoor sports lovers. 

The village has many heritage sites and monuments such as the Château de Beaufort. It is also known for its dairy farming and its famous AOP cheese. We can say that the Beaufort Gruyère is the pride of the whole village! 


Chanaz: between Rhône and Bourget lake  

Discover a pretty town with high Instagram potential! In 2019, the city was labeled “Petite Cité de Caractère, the only one in Savoy. 

Chanaz is a small village north of Bourget Lake with a strong rural identity. The proximity of the lake and the Rhone as well as the various canals that run through the town make Chanaz "The Little Venice of the Alps".   

The city has kept its authenticity combining the authentic habitat, the water and the flowers hidden in the four corners of the village. In the heart of the small, picturesque streets, you will find many art, craft and local shops: artisan roaster, brewer, soap factory, oil mill, potters, ceramists, ... 

Note: be careful not to pronounce the Z of Chanaz! ☺ 


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Jongieux, a little treasure hidden in the vineyards 

This village of 300 inhabitants is gradually becoming an oenological-cyclo-touristic destination thanks to its vineyards, its heritage and its landscapes. Next to three hamlets and a luxuriant forest lies 160 hectares of vineyards. Three wines are produced on these lands: Marestel, the oldest in Savoy, Jongieux, equivalent to Chignin and Monthoux, Roussette de Savoie. 

Walkers and cyclists love to navigate between the vineyards! Every day, a dozen walkers follow the road to Santiago de Compostela which crosses the village. As for the cyclists, they follow the paths between the vineyards and the twisted roads. 

The village wants to promote slow tourism by showing off the region's heritage. To achieve this, the mayor and his team have plenty of ideas: creating new paths, developing local crafts or even organizing a jazz festival in the vineyards.   


Sainte-Hélène-du-Lac, a certain idea of harmony 

The village of Sainte-Hélène-du-Lac is located in a pleasant environment, in the heart of pastures and hamlets and near Chambéry. 

Its beautiful natural lake contributes to the charm of this village and offers an exceptional living environment to the inhabitants. The village is also famous for its cherries! Indeed, agriculture has a long tradition in Sainte-Hélène-du-lac. Because of its sunny exposure, it has long been an area where vines are grown.  And like many villages in the Combes de Savoie, Sainte-Hélène-du-lac was known as an important site for silkworm breeding, until the 1930s, to harvest the silk of their cocoon.  

Around the village, it is possible to see vestiges of the past in the greenery. Among these, there is notably the Chatelle, a former fortified castle, the castle of Peysse, which belonged to the order of the Knights of Malta, but also a few bourgeois houses. 

Some information about the lake: The Lake of Sainte-Hélène is the third natural lake of Savoy. It was a relic of the glacial melting, more than 10 000 years ago. Although it is not possible to swim there, the site is popular with fishermen and hikers. 


Séez: feel the Dolce Vita   

Located on the mountainside, in the heart of the largest French ski resorts of the Vanoise National Park and the Italian border, Séez enjoys a privileged location.   

Séez is a small authentic village of traditions. Many tradesmen have been living there for many years. The company Filature Arpin, manufacturers in the village since 1817, has become the emblem of this village. 

The fame of this village is not limited to its center. Built on a slope on the side of the mountain and surrounded by a dozen hamlets spread over 4200 hectares of communal territory, Séez is appreciated in all seasons. 


Bonneval-sur-Arc, the charming asset of the Haute-Maurienne 

Bonneval-sur-Arc is the incarnation of the mountain spirit! This typical Savoyard village is the highest in the Maurienne (1800 meters of altitude). Composed of old stone houses with slate roofs and surrounded by majestic glaciers, it is considered as one of the most beautiful villages in France. With its traditional architecture and the surrounding mountains, you will have the sensation of time travel. 

In winter, the off-piste area attracts freeriders. The resort is then called "Little treasure of pure skiing". The exceptional snow cover guarantees a great skiing experience! 

Fun fact: in the village of Bonneval, the houses do not have classic street numbers, but have names! Unusual, isn't it? 

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Yvoire: the Gem of Lake Geneva 

This small and very famous medieval village of the XIVth century, is located at the edge of the Lake Geneva 

A lovely seaside village and also a member of the most beautiful villages of France, Yvoire is worth a visit in many ways. The village is particularly pleasant when you stroll through its paved and flowered streets. Artisans' stores, second-hand shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants and creperies also line the streets.  

Overlooking the lake, the village is also known for its fishing and boating harbors, which earned it the nickname of "The Gem of the Lake".   

The imposing castle of Yvoire and the two fortified gates represent a magnificent symbol of the village's history. And not to be missed, the beautiful Garden of the 5 Senses, classified remarkable garden and located at the foot of the castle. 


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